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Dale Woody Firearms Engraving.

Gun Engraver using the Old Factory Styles.

 Gun engraving, lettering  and refinishing after engraving. Full time gun engraver for over 24 years.  I work on older Colt, Marlin and Winchesters for most of my work.  Marlin Ballard and Remington Hepburn Firearm engraving,  restorations. Gun engraving in the factory styles from 1848 to 1945. Gun  engraving is my full time work.  I am experienced  with metal work, and re-cutting old or worn engraving. Some poor looking antiques can be restored to become treasures. Case color, Blueing are finishes I offer. I do not work on stainless steel or  Aluminum Alloy. Welding and machine shop work  are done by outside gunsmiths. 

Please look at the pictures of my work and contact me with any questions. 

  Telephone, 731-616-7457.

Mailing address, P.O. box 27, Beech Bluff, TN. 38313.


 E Mail is, dale@gunfancy.com 

My Lettering work is shown in Guns Magazine. May 2011 issue. Pages 48 to 52. Click on picture & use your Back button.

guns web pic.jpg (50290 bytes)


My Lettering was on the cover of the July 2004 Guns Magazine. Click on the picture for a full size view. Use your "back" button to return.

gunsmag2004.jpg (317435 bytes)  

My work has also been published in the Winchester Collector magazine in the Spring, 2005 edition.

 Gun Engraving like the older factory styles. I try to match the work of the historic Gun engravers.  Usually guns are engraved in a style from the era they were made. Most of my customers have a general idea of what they want and let me work within their budget. If you would like to choose a gun engraving pattern, I can send  pictures from my books. Or, If you find something you like, just  mail  or E mail me the picture. Firearms Engraving Takes time and I do have a backlog. Lettering and small restorations are done faster. I turn these quickly  to get guns back to customers as quickly as I can. Gold Inlay, Blueing, Case Color and Satin  Nickel finishes are pictured on the Refinishing page. Note that the pictures do not show depth or shading detail very well. It is difficult to photograph steel to see fine detail.

Payment. I accept checks or money orders.  Payment is due when the work is done, not before. To hold a place in my schedule just send $100.00 deposit. Then you can send the gun when you wish.

  Mailing address is, P.O. box 27, Beech Bluff, TN. 38313.

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