Refinishing Firearms.  Gold & Silver Inlay.

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I do most of my own prep work before engraving by hand. I do metal prep on guns that I will be lettering or engraving or are engraved antiques and I am restoring. If you have another source for metal prep or want to do it yourself, that is fine.

Metalwork Prices   [Average Condition]

RIFLES & SHOTGUNS -- $150.00 to $400.00

PISTOLS -- $100.00 to 250.00


Finishing Options

 Hot salt blueing is available. Simulated rust blue also, but not for older soft soldered double barrel shotgun barrels. Nitre or "fire blue" is nice looking  and a very bright BLUE. Only used on decorative small parts, like screws, safety or triggers and extractors. Antique charcoal is a finish that is darker blue than charcoal blueing and looks a bit aged. Perfect for older and antique pistols. Not done on rifles or shotguns.

COST of Finishing  [After metalwork]


Rifles & Shotguns. [not double barreled] --Hot Salt Blue $125.00.

Pistols--- Hot Salt-$85.00. Antique Charcoal, $130.00 Partial blue for pistol with Case Color is less.

Other Finishes

I only refinish guns that I engrave Restore or letter. Don't Ask!

Nickel Plating --- Pistols-$300.00  Parts by quote. Bright or Satin finish. French gray also. Quality plating.

Strip Old Nickel--- $65.00. This is for Nickel, not Hard Chrome.

Gold and Silver plating -- I do not offer this service anymore. 

Gold & Silver Inlay.

Gold Inlay is $60.00 per inch. Barrel Bands in Gold are $140.00 each on round barreled pistols. Rifles are $180.00 each for round Barrel Band. Octagon Barreled rifles are, $200.00. A rifle gold Inlay band that is at the breech is $30.00 less, as I do not inlay under the  wood. Only the flutes that show. Gold Inlay cylinder bands if they can be done are $300.00. See examples near page bottom.

Silver Inlay prices are $40.00 per inch and $35.00 less than Gold per band on a barrel. $60.00 less for a cylinder band. Silver is much cheaper, but more difficult to inlay.

Inlay Lettering in Gold is $50.00 or silver, $35.00 per letter. 

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Case Color & Blueing. Antique Charcoal finish is the center two Colts below.

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Antique charcoal finish on old 1911 Colt with lettering Restoration.

colt 1911 letter-char blue right.jpg (233975 bytes)colt 1911 letter-char blue left.jpg (208079 bytes)colt 1911 letter-char blue top.jpg (108044 bytes)

Note, I no longer do my own Case Color. I send it out. www.classicgunsinc.com is my recommended source. Located in Crete IL.

Gold Inlay with Case Color

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Gold Inlay & Blue

 Lettering Gold is $50.00 per letter.

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Satin Nickel

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$300.00 for nickel plate on pistols. Rifle parts by quote.

Restoring a Stevens 44.

This project required the receiver be annealed, then fine bead blasting to remove rust from the pitting.

I recut all the engraving following the original cuts. Then file and sand to remove 80% of the pitting.

Recut again and enhance the shading lines. After being case colored it will look like an antique

restored but in good condition and valuable.

Cost for everything with new barrel address is, $650.00.


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stevens 44 restored left.jpg (260860 bytes)stevens 44 restored right.jpg (237899 bytes)ste 44 bl done.jpg (95437 bytes)

 dale@gunfancy.com or 731-616-7457. Central Time. P.O. box 27, Beech Bluff, TN. 38313.